We are thrilled to announce that this year, for the first time, we will proudly participate as a partner in BAND FUSSBALL CUP 2023. This renowned event, set to take place on September 17, 2023, at SV Donau in Vienna Donaustadt, brings together the Austrian music scene in a unique football tournament dedicated to social engagement, violence prevention, and female empowerment.

The BAND FUSSBALL CUP (BFC) is much more than a typical fun tournament; it embodies the diversity of the Austrian music landscape while simultaneously championing significant social causes. This year’s event is lending support to the Wiener Frauenhäuser organization and White Ribbon, both tirelessly working towards violence protection and prevention to combat femicides in Austria.

Social Responsibility

“As a company deeply committed to social responsibility and community engagement, we are exceptionally proud to be part of the BAND FUSSBALL CUP for the first time. This event perfectly encapsulates our values and objectives, utilizing the power of music to drive positive change in society. Our partnership underscores our dedication to promoting violence prevention and female empowerment, and we eagerly anticipate working alongside other prominent businesses and individuals to contribute to a safer and more inclusive society,” emphasized our CEO, Mirza Haračić, regarding the significance of this partnership.

BFC 2023

Roman Gregory, the initiator of BAND FUSSBALL CUP, expressed great delight in Brajlovic GmbH’s involvement: “We are extremely grateful and delighted to welcome Brajlovic GmbH as a partner of BFC 2023. Their commitment to social responsibility and community aligns perfectly with the values of our event. Together, we will make significant strides towards effecting important changes and sending a powerful message in favor of violence prevention and female empowerment.”

We cordially invite you to this outstanding event!