ABC cream cheese, the most popular cream cheese spread in the Balkan region, will be available in leading retail chains in Austria and Germany. This is the result of a new cooperation between Belje Plus and Adriatic Group.

This cheese spread is known to many Austrian and German tourists who like to spend their summer vacation on the Adriatic coast. Many were surprised with the quality of the ABC cream cheese and contacted Belje, asking where they could purchase the product in Austria and Germany. Thanks to Adriatic Group, ABC cream cheese is now available in both countries.

“We are honored to have worked together with Adriatic Group on placing ABC cream cheese on the Austrian and German markets. The first delivery to stores throughout Austria and Germany has already taken place. Adriatic Group is the leading distributor in this segment, knows the markets very well and has built up a nationwide sales network over the last 20 years. We therefore expect excellent results on both very important European markets,” said Marko Žeravica, export manager of Belja plus d.o.o.

“Adriatic Group distributes leading food brands from the Adriatic region on the Western European market. As a dominant distributor with many years of experience in this segment, we are convinced that ABC cream cheese is a product with great potential and as such will be well received on the Western European market.

We distribute products from the Adriatic region to leading retail chains, but also to ethnic markets all across Western Europe. Both distribution channels are of equal importance for us to bring brands from the Adriatic region closer to both the diaspora and the domestic population,” said Amir Bekić, CEO of Adriatic Group.